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A Cunning Plan

In this post I’ll try to lay out a shopping list for myself of things that need to be done on this project. I’ll try to order them in a rough priority, but obviously the different aspects are all interconnected, and so how I attack the list my be somewhat different. Collisions Colliding with walls, [...]

The Shape of the Code

Onwards and upwards. I now want to talk about my progress in the code. First and foremost, I needed a 2d engine for the iPhone. After a bit of research, I decided to work with Cocos2d – it seems to be fully featured, has fairly deep documentation, and an active community. So far (at this [...]

Touching your (ShadowNinja)Monkey

So, to follow up on the previous post, what progress have I made with ShadowNinjaMonkey (SNM) so far? As there is a fair amount to go into, this will be split over several posts. Control Design To start with, I focussed on designing the combat in more detail. In the original Game Jam prototype this [...]

ShadowNinjaMonkey Awakes

This is hopefully the start of a series of posts about my work developing a game for the iPhone. First, some history… The origins of this game comes from the Global Game Jam 2010 (a great annual event where teams must design and make a game in a weekend – definitely worth getting involved in). [...]