All Gates Open

by Laurie

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This was a 2nd year group project (2003/2004) for the BA in Computer Animation and Film Special Effects at Bournemouth University, with 6 members in the group. The plot is based upon a Philip K. Dick short story called ‘The Electric Ant’.

My role in the project involved cinematography, lighting, editing, ambient sound, plot outline, and managing the renders. This was a very collaborative project, and we were all involved in most aspects of the production.

The other members of the team were:
Dave Hunt / Tim RidgardeDan Blacker / Alex Wilkie / James Whitworth

  • Music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Maya 5 / Shake 3 / Premiere 7
  • Project Report (pdf)A very brief summary of the work I put into this project